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Wedding Officiant Jon, An Expert with Last Minute Weddings


Are you looking for a wedding officiant at the last minute? No problem!


Wedding Officiant Jon regularly works with couples who are searching for officiants at the last minute. Contact Jon if you wanted an experienced pro who can work with you even if you have only days, hours, or minutes to spare. He'll get right to work at creating a perfect ceremony for you!


Believe it or not, there have been numerous times when Jon has had a desperate wedding planner call him moments before a wedding was scheduled to begin because  the originally-scheduled officiant failed to show up! Jon shines in moments like these and, after these ceremonies, multiple people have commented that the ceremony felt like it was planned months in advance! Even with no prep time, Jon will utilize his experience, any last-minute notes given to him (if applicable), and his ability to read the couple and the audience in the moment. Everything still needs to feel perfect!

Whether you just haven't yet found the right officiant or inadvertantly neglected to fill this role in your scramble to get all your other vendors taken care of, Jon is ready and willing to alleviate the stress! He is very experienced with last minute bookings and is savvy at putting a top-notch ceremony together in minimal time. 


Jon's goal with every last minute booking is not just to design a fantastic wedding experience, but also to create a sense among your guests that the ceremony was actually planned out well in advance. Just because you book your officiant at the last second doesn't mean that the wedding ceremony needs to feel haphazard and thrown together. Because Jon is a seasoned pro, he will ensure that each element and transition feels well thought out and perfectly placed.

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