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Wedding Officiant Jon, The Values that Shape a Great Wedding


What does it take to design a great wedding ceremony? These are some of the key values Wedding Officiant Jon believes are essential to a perfect wedding:


When you've attended a wedding in the past, most likely you could quickly tell whether the officiant was simply a "hired hand" or someone who had really made the effort to get to know the couple. No matter how effectively an officiant might communicate, there is no substitute for having built a relationship with the couple. Simply put, guests can tell the difference. Wedding Officiant Jon gets to know the couples with whom he works and enjoys bringing this special dynamic into the ceremony. You'll find that Jon is very personable and easy to relate to.


Jon is convinced that it's a crime to bore people at weddings! Therefore, Wedding Officiant Jon strives to offer a ceremony and content that is engaging to the couple and also to the audience. Many couples do want parts of their wedding to feel classic and traditional, but even in those moments Jon knows how to keep the material fresh and engaging. He knows how to get people laughing, how to best capture the couple's story, and how to ensure your guests are "leaning in" rather than tuning out. People ought to feel a natural connection with the officiant, and Jon's conversational style will help make that a reality at your ceremony.

Let's face it: most weddings move along at too slow a pace. Any wedding can include some good elements, but a great wedding is much more than just the sum of its parts. If you want to capture and hold your guests' attention, then your ceremony needs to have a tangible sense of momentum and pace. Nobody wants to listen to a talking head up front go on and on. Things need to keep moving, the transitions need to make sense and not be a distraction, each segment needs to feel intentional and well thought out, and the timeframe of the ceremony needs to feel "just right" instead of too long. Wedding Officiant Jon will ensure your ceremony is energetic, timed perfectly, and totally authentic to what you want.


Many couples don't understand just how important this is until the actual ceremony. An effective wedding officiant must be a good communicator. The person leading the wedding could have the best of intentions and know the couple well, but if s/he isn't an effective communicator, then make no doubt about it: there will be a disconnect with your guests. Wedding Officiant Jon is clear to understand, easy to follow, and articulates well (essential if you have guests at your wedding who speak English as a second language). He knows how to capture the attention of your guests and keep them engaged throughout the ceremony. 

Jon takes his role as a wedding officiant very seriously. You'll find him to be very organized, very thorough and well-prepared to handle your needs. He is committed to nothing less than an excellent wedding ceremony that exceeds your expectations. When Jon officiates your wedding, his presentation will be natural and easy for your guests to follow. But behind the scenes of a great wedding are lots of little details that help everything to fit together and flow smoothly. Jon is a pro at handling all these different pieces, and organizing them in a way that feels well thought out and effortless to your guests. Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life. and something that important demands that you choose an officiant who is the very best at what they do.

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