How Jon will guide you through the planning process:


Typically the fear factor most couples have about their upcoming wedding is in regards to the planning, not the ceremony itself. While everyone has ideas about what they want included in their wedding ceremony, many couples simply don't know where to start when it comes to planning.


This is where Jon can make a huge impact on your overall wedding experience: he is an expert with the planning process and is ready to help.


As you talk through your ceremony with Jon, he can offer creative ideas and make helpful suggestions. Perhaps you'd like to include family members or special friends in the ceremony; Jon specializes in involving others in meaningful ways. Even in the event of an impromptu wedding with just a few guests, he can still make your ceremony special and enjoyable.


And in terms of your vows, Jon offers a very helpful list of sample vows from which couples can choose. Whether you want to write your own or need some guidance, you can relax knowing Jon has the resources needed to make your planning a breeze.